[plt-scheme] Polymorphic Structure Types

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Apr 22 03:40:49 EDT 2003

On Apr 21, Andre van Tonder wrote:
> [...]

Nice trick, but three coments...

> ; The built-in Mzscheme define-struct type allows single inheritance
> ; of structure types.  However, many problems may be expressed very
> ; naturally in terms of structures that may have more than one
> ; supertype

1. Swindle did that for ages...  (Sorry, but I couldn't resist, I know
   that you know...)  And it is not as heavyweight as it seems.

> ; (see e.g. how heavily interfaces are used in Java),

2. I think that this is not a good example -- the heavy use of
   interfaces are due to a compromise where you can do multiple
   inheritance as long as it doesn't involve new slots.  This way they
   can keep the type-casting thing and optimized access -- which is
   one thing you lose when you check the type of an object when you
   use redefined accessors.

3. Technical point -- your message had wrapped lines...  Best to keep
   code in short lines or use attachments...

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