[plt-scheme] MysterX

From: Alex K. Angelopoulos (aka at mvps.org)
Date: Wed Apr 16 01:59:24 EDT 2003

Paul Steckler wrote:
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> Katsmall the Wise wrote:
>> I was talking about the name/namespace thing .NET uses.
>> All of it's classes are referenced like that, like in Java.
>> (I think it's called Assembly Name, not sure though)
>> And I've only got understandable DirectX documentation for .NET, so it
>> would be much easier for me to use it this way.
>> Ah, well...
> I think you can use the REGASM tool to create Registry entries
> for .NET classes as COM classes.
> Look for "COM-Callable Wrapper " on Google, and I think you can
> find more info.

It gets a little complicated with some things, but you can wrap pretty
much any native public .NET class _within_ a namespace which is neither
static nor abstract and which exposes safe COM types for direct COM
access.  You can actually expose some of the native .NET classes directly
by exporting a TLB from their core DLLs and registering it; I've done that
with mscoree.dll to get direct access to the StringBuilder, Stack, Queue,
and SortedList classes from COM.

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