[plt-scheme] problem with popup-menu ?

From: TheKoRnKilleR at aol.com (TheKoRnKilleR at aol.com)
Date: Tue Apr 15 14:58:49 EDT 2003


I work under Windows and I don't have ever test if it works under Mac and 
this is the method that create the popup-menu when the callback is completed

  (define (popup)
    (define pop-up-menu 
             (make-object popup-menu% "Test" void))

    (define popup-delete 
             (make-object menu-item% "Exit" pop-up-menu 
                           (lambda (a b) 
                               (exit)) #\X ) )

    (define popup-MAJ 
             (make-object menu-item% "Update" pop-up-menu 
                        (lambda (a b) (update))))

    (define popup-execute 
             (make-object menu-item% "Execute" pop-up-menu void #\E "))

    (send box popup-menu pop-up-menu 50 20 )) ; box is the text% where the 
popupmenu appears

the popup menu appears well, but no callback is performed when clicking on 
the item. If you know why ?
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