[plt-scheme] scheme_signal_error

From: Olivier ORABONA (orabonao at clio.unice.fr)
Date: Tue Apr 15 11:59:12 EDT 2003


I've played around with scheme_signal_error and went thru a weird "behavior" 
with this code snippet :

Scheme_Object* foo(void* p, int argc, Scheme_Object** argv) {
	Scheme_Object* tmp = argv[O];
	while(!SCHEME_NULLP(tmp)) {
			scheme_signal_error("Bad Input");
	return scheme_true;

scheme_signal_error seems to "throw" a Page Fault Exception (tested under 
Windows only). But it worked elsewhere. bar function content is irrelevant. Is 
my code bad or ... ?


PS: if also tested with while(SCHEME_PAIRP(tmp)) without much more success.

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