[plt-scheme] modules and extensions

From: Pedro Pinto (ppinto at cs.cmu.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 12 23:02:02 EDT 2003

Hi there,

I am trying to make a MzScheme extension and I am having some trouble
with modules.

My extension provides a function, load-library, which when invoked
will load a text file and based on the contents of the that file
create a new module containing a set of bindings. The module name is
dependent on the contents of said file and is returned by

So how can I import the bindings created?

I tried 

(require (load-library "mylibrary"))

which of course does not work since what is returned is a module name and
not a file.

I also tried returning the Scheme_Env* object from load-library but
that did not work either.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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