[plt-scheme] bulding oskit kernel

From: prisoner at freemail.gr (prisoner at freemail.gr)
Date: Wed Apr 9 10:57:30 EDT 2003


couldn't find any answer for this so i'm sending it here.
after ./configure --enable-oskit && make i get the following error:

ld -Ttext 100000  /usr/local/lib/oskit/multiboot.o \
        -o mzscheme.multiboot main.o -L. -lmzscheme -lgc \
                -L/usr/local/lib -loskit_kern -loskit_clientos  \
                -loskit_freebsd_c -loskit_c -loskit_lmm \
                -loskit_freebsd_m -loskit_memfs -loskit_fsnamespace  \
                -loskit_dev -loskit_com \
                -loskit_kern -loskit_freebsd_c -loskit_c \
ld: mzscheme.multiboot: Not enough room for program headers (allocated 5, need 6)
ld: final link failed: Bad value
make[3]: *** [mzscheme.multiboot] Error 1

room? for what?

i'm on linux (it used to be slack, to many addons :)
thank you.

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