[plt-scheme] exceptions and extensions

From: Pedro Pinto (ppinto at cs.cmu.edu)
Date: Sun Apr 6 19:46:13 EDT 2003

Thanks for the pointer. As you suspected everything works fine with plain
C++. The problem occurs when the try/catch block is managed code. Replacing
the previous sample with:

void t()
    throw 0;

#pragma unmanaged
Scheme_Object *test(int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
    catch (...)
    return scheme_void;
#pragma managed

Produces the desired result.


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Subject: Re: [plt-scheme] exceptions and extensions

> Do you get different results compiling the above code as plain old C++
> instead of Managed C++?
> I don't know what MC++ might require of the environment. Possibly MC++
> doesn't like the way that scheme_signal_error() uses scheme_longjmp()
> to escape from test(). If that's the case, you may need to catch all
> MzScheme escapes in MC++ code using scheme_setjmp(), and then get out
> of MC++ completely before continuing with scheme_longjmp().
> Matthew

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