[plt-scheme] rss followup

From: Dimitry Gashinsky (dig at mail.com)
Date: Sun Apr 6 14:26:04 EDT 2003


I am happy to see that other people are interested in the news
aggregations. I wrote one for my web site some time ago. Take a look at
it running at my web site. I could send you the code if you are
interested. I noticed that you do not use SXPath in your implementation.
It made extraction of items from different versions of rss so much
easier for me.

On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 20:30, Bruce Butterfield wrote:

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> Shiriam asked me to clarify a bit about the scheme rss software I've 
> made available - it is a news aggregator that allows a user to easily 
> subscribe to and manage a number of RSS channels (news feeds) in a web 
> browser. Thousands of news and blog sites have RSS feeds available 
> (often marked as a little orange 'XML' image); you just copy the link 
> into the 'Add channel' and the server gets the latest and greatest stuff 
> for your viewing pleasure. Sort of like 'my.yahoo' but with a lot more 
> content options.
> Sorry if this wasn't clear from the previous message.
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