[plt-scheme] cstartup.inc

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:26:29 EST 2003

At Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:35:24 -0500, Ben Cornett wrote:
> First I tried simply making this change and recompiling, but that didn't
> work --- then I figured out that I needed to regenerate `cstartup.inc'
> from `startup.ss'.

`make startup' will do this. See the top of "startup.ss" for slightly
more information.

> ben $ mzscheme
> Welcome to MzScheme version 203, Copyright (c) 1995-2002 PLT
> STRING: read (compiled): ill-formed code (bad count: 8544 != 8545,
> started at 12)
> Segmentation fault

That particular error is surprising to me, but maybe `make startup'
will fix it.

It might be best to set USE_COMPILED_STARTUP in src/schmin.h to 0,
make, make startup, set USE_COMPILED_STARTUP back to 1, then make.


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