[plt-scheme] Example of web app that should use continuations

From: Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Apr 1 07:40:19 EST 2003

Hi all,

Thought this anecdote might be of interest to some of
you.  At work we use Bugzilla.  Every week or so each
large project group sits down and goes through open
bugs discussing their current state and what action to
take.  Today we were doing this, and I was controlling
the computer with Bugzilla.   We started talking about
setting up a wiki for the project.  I knew I had a bug
assigned to me (from another project) to do a similar
thing, so I right-clicked on the "My Bugs" link at the
bottom on the Bugzilla page, and opened the list of my
bugs in a new tab, and then browsed to that.  When we
finished talking about that we returned to the first
tab and started going through the project bug list
again.  Now we weren't actually browsing the list,
just clicking on "Next bug" links to take us through
the list we'd searched for at the beginning of the
meeting.  The next bug was one of mine, related to the
project.  So was the next, and the next, but
eventually we got to a bug of mine that wasn't to do
with the project!  What had happened?  Clearly
Bugzilla identifies the current query in a cookie, so
when I'd made the little excursion to look up the wiki
bug I'd overwritten the current query parameter with
the "My Bugs" query.  It just happened that I have a
number of project related bugs and we saw those first.
 This is quite annoying as there are a lot of bugs
open on this project as we now have to go through the
whole list again to see which ones we missed.  Bring
on the continuations!


PS: If anyone has a Moshi install, try a URL like



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