[plt-translators] english-string-constants.rkt update

From: Philippe Meunier (meunier at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 7 05:27:19 EST 2012

commit 261700ef2cc9689608abebecf7fcfd646a82ed29
Author: Robby Findler <robby at racket-lang.org>
Date:   Tue Nov 6 20:56:30 2012 -0600

    whoops, forgot to add this file in my last commit

commit 66c1045b420cbed4b2b29de7e9129499677d8d27
Author: Robby Findler <robby at racket-lang.org>
Date:   Tue Nov 6 18:31:08 2012 -0600

    adjust the language dialog so that clicking on the example
    the corresponding #lang line.

commit 3bbf6035d156005f5d66297169d2b5a26abfc40a
Author: Robby Findler <robby at racket-lang.org>
Date:   Mon Nov 5 16:29:17 2012 -0600

    adjust the language dialog based on feedback from dev@
diff --git a/collects/string-constants/private/english-string-constants.rkt b/collects/string-constants/private/english-string-constants.rkt
index 1488589..e7d784f 100644
--- a/collects/string-constants/private/english-string-constants.rkt
+++ b/collects/string-constants/private/english-string-constants.rkt
@@ -1160,10 +1160,33 @@ please adhere to these guidelines:
   (module-language-auto-text "Automatic #lang line") ;; shows up in the details section of the module language
   ;; for the upper portion of the language dialog
-  (use-language-in-source "Use the language declared in the source")
+  (the-racket-language "The Racket Language")
   (choose-a-language "Choose a language")
-  (lang-in-source-discussion
-   "The #lang line at the start of a program declares its language. This is the default and preferred mode for DrRacket.")
+  ;; the next two string constants appear in the
+  ;; language dialog with a list
+  ;; of example languages appearing between them
+  (racket-language-discussion "Start your program with #lang to specify the desired dialect. For example:\n\n")
+  (racket-language-discussion-end "\n... and many more")
+  ;; the next three string constants are put into a message-box dialog
+  ;; that appears when the user clicks on the example #lang languages
+  ;; in the language dialog. The first one always appears and then either
+  ;; the second or the third appears. The second one has the clicked
+  ;; on #lang line placed into the ~a, and third one has the 
+  ;; current #lang line in the first ~a and the clicked on in the second one.
+  ;; The two comments are separated by a blank line.
+  (racket-dialect-in-buffer-message "Racket dialects are generally chosen by editing the buffer directly, not by selecting these entries in the language dialog.")
+  (racket-dialect-add-new-#lang-line "That said, shall I add “~a” to the beginning of the definitions window?")
+  (racket-dialect-replace-#lang-line "That said, I see you have “~a” in your file; shall I replace it with “~a”?")
+  (racket-dialect-already-same-#lang-line "I see you already have “~a” in your file, however; so you should be all set to start programming!")
+  ;; in the dialog containing the above strings, one of these is a button that appears
+  (add-#lang-line "Add #lang line")
+  (replace-#lang-line "Replace #lang line")
+  ;; for the 'new drracket user' dialog
+  (use-language-in-source "Use the language declared in the source")
   ;;; from the `not a language language' used initially in drscheme.
   (must-choose-language "DrRacket cannot process programs until you choose a programming language.")

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