[plt-translators] the preserve-stacktrace-information string constant

From: Robby Findler (robby at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 26 10:38:37 EDT 2010

The English version of the preserve-stacktrace-information just changed from

  "Preserve stacktrace (disable some JIT optimizations)"


  "Preserve stacktrace (disable some optimizations)"

It looks like the German, Russian, Ukranian, and French translations
also have to change and it looks like I can just remove "JIT" (or
"JIT-") from them. But I'm not sure. If you maintain one of those
translations can you confirm that that's the only change required?

Here is the current values, for quick reference (I'll make the change
right away if you confirm).

./french-string-constants.rkt:  (preserve-stacktrace-information
"Préserver la trace de la pile (ceci invalide certaines optimizations
du compilateur JIT)")
./german-string-constants.rkt: (preserve-stacktrace-information
"Stack-Trace aufbewahren (einige JIT-Optimierungen werden
./russian-string-constants.rkt: (preserve-stacktrace-information
"Сохранить трассировку стека (отключает некоторые JIT-оптимизации)")
./ukrainian-string-constants.rkt: (preserve-stacktrace-information
"Зберегти трасування стеку (відключає деякі JIT-оптимізації")


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