[plt-translators] the preserve-stacktrace-information string constant

From: Sergey Semerikov (semerikov at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Aug 9 03:55:40 EDT 2010

> It looks like the German, Russian, Ukranian, and French translations
> also have to change and it looks like I can just remove "JIT" (or
> "JIT-") from them. But I'm not sure. If you maintain one of those
> translations can you confirm that that's the only change required?


./russian-string-constants.rkt: (preserve-stacktrace-information
"Сохранить трассировку стека (отключает некоторые оптимизации)")

./ukrainian-string-constants.rkt: (preserve-stacktrace-information
"Зберегти трасування стеку (відключає деякі оптимізації")

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