[plt-translators] english-string-constants.ss update

From: Philippe Meunier (meunier at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 4 03:30:54 EDT 2008

Michael Sperber wrote:
>Robby, you also editing german-string-constants.ss makes it more work
>for me to do the synch, as I have to check what you have and haven't

If you update your tree, re-run setup-plt, set the PLTSTRINGCONSTANTS
environment variable to german, and run drscheme, it will tell you
what remains to be done.

Robby Findler wrote:
>There are rules that were handed out by Philippe, as documented in the
>top of the english-string-constants.ss file that I'm trying to follow.

The goal of the rules is simply to minimize the amount of work for the
translators: a change that does not require any actual translation can
be done by the developers themselves with no need for half a dozen
translators to get involved.

For example, if a developer deletes a string, he can do so in all the
different files at once rather than having each translator do the same
thing on a single file.  Same thing if a string is simply renamed or
moved around.

Note: I wrote those rules a long time ago, because I was getting tired
of some developers making a mess in english-string-constants.ss and
then leaving us translators having to guess what we were supposed to
do in our own files (the tone of the rules still shows I was pissed
that day :-))

Michael Sperber wrote:
>I think the rules are appropriate for translations that are maintained
>only infrequently.  I update german-string-constants.ss every week.
>They also don't play well with the posted diffs, which lump additions
>and removals together.

The script that computes the diffs came a long time after the rules.
It's a simple 'svn diff' between the current revision and the last
known revision for which a change occurred.  It's purely for
informational purposes so translators can keep an eye on what's going
on with english-string-constants.ss, nothing more.  I don't think it
would be easy to write a script that plays well with the rules,
because some deletions are real deletions while some others are just
the result of strings being renamed or moved around (which is why in
general you want to see both additions and removals together, to be
able to differentiate between the various cases).

Ideally you'd want to have a GUI that all developers use to modify
english-string-constants.ss, which would then automatically propagate
all the changes to the other files when possible (deletions,
renamings) and otherwise keep track of all the translations that
remain to be done for each file and would tell each translator about
it on request...

Note: the script sends me the diffs but I do not forward all of them
to the mailing list.  If a diff shows only strings that have been
removed I usually check that the strings have been removed in all the
other files, hit the appropriate developer on the fingers with a ruler
if it's not been done (fortunately most developers are well behaved
now :-)) then delete the email.  I forward a diff only if I think some
translation work actually needs to be done.

Robby Findler wrote:
>I think Philippe has some kind of a setup where he compares his
>string-constants.ss file with the english one (he's careful to keep
>the line numbers in sync, I noticed) and perhaps that would help
>others if he explained it?

I just keep the line numbers in french-string-constants.ss and
english-string-constants.ss in sync by hand.  That way the line
numbers that appear in a diff of english-string-constants.ss tell me
(more or less) where to do the change in french-string-constants.ss.
It's not automated though.  In the end I always use PLTSTRINGCONSTANTS
and drscheme to double check that I correctly changed everything.


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