[plt-translators] english-string-constants.ss update

From: Philippe Meunier (meunier at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 4 22:19:23 EDT 2006

The first changes listed below, related to "dont-ask-again", are the
ones Eli talked about a couple of days ago, and Eli already took care
of them in all the translation files.

With regard to "~a-must-end-with-~a", the first "~a" is the name of
the operating system, the second "~a" is the name of the file, and the
third "~a" specifies the string expected by the OS at the end of the


Index: $PLTHOME/collects/string-constants/english-string-constants.ss
--- $PLTHOME/collects/string-constants/english-string-constants.ss	(revision 3167)
+++ $PLTHOME/collects/string-constants/english-string-constants.ss	(working copy)
@@ -125,7 +125,10 @@
  ;; label for a generic check box, often supported on dialogs
  ;; that ask a binary choice of the user. If checked, the
  ;; dialog isn't going to be shown again.
- (dont-ask-again "Do not ask again (always use current choice)")
+ ;; One version for always using the current choice:
+ (dont-ask-again-always-current "Do not ask again (always use current choice)")
+ ;; One generic version (ie, on the Quit DrScheme dialog)
+ (dont-ask-again                "Do not ask again")
  ;;; important urls
  (web-materials "Related Web Sites") ;; menu item title
@@ -645,7 +648,6 @@
  (help-menu-label "&Help")
  (about-info "Credits and details for this application")
  (about-menu-item "About...")
- (help-menu-check-for-updates "Check for Updates...")
  ;; open here's new menu item
@@ -794,22 +796,35 @@
  (save-a-mzscheme-launcher "Save a MzScheme Launcher")
  (save-a-mred-stand-alone-executable "Save a MrEd Stand-alone Executable")
  (save-a-mzscheme-stand-alone-executable "Save a MzScheme Stand-alone Executable")
+ (save-a-mred-distribution "Save a MrEd Distribution")
+ (save-a-mzscheme-distribution "Save a MzScheme Distribution")
  (definitions-not-saved "The definitions window has not been saved. The executable will use the latest saved version of the definitions window. Continue?")
+ ;; The "-explanatory-label" variants are the labels used for the radio buttons in
+ ;;  the "Create Executable..." dialog for the "(module ...)" language.
  (launcher "Launcher")
+ (launcher-explanatory-label "Launcher (for this machine only, runs from source)")
  (stand-alone "Stand-alone")
+ (stand-alone-explanatory-label "Stand-alone (for this machine only, run compiled copy)")
+ (distribution "Distribution")
+ (distribution-explanatory-label "Distribution (to install on other machines)")
  (executable-type "Type")
  (executable-base "Base")
  (filename "Filename: ")
  (create "Create")
- (please-choose-an-executable-filename "Please choose a filename to save the executable.")
- (windows-executables-must-end-with-exe
-  "The filename\n\n  ~a\n\nis illegal. Under Windows, executables must end with .exe.")
+ (please-specify-a-filename "Please specify a filename to create.")
+ (~a-must-end-with-~a
+  "The ~a filename\n\n  ~a\n\nis illegal. The filename must end with \".~a\".")
   "The filename\n\n  ~a\n\nis illegal. Under MacOS X, an executable must be a directory whose name ends with .app.")
   "WARNING: the directory:\n\n  ~a\n\nwill be replaced. Proceed?")
+ (distribution-progress-window-title "Distribution Progress")
+ (creating-executable-progress-status "Creating executable for distribution...")
+ (assembling-distribution-files-progress-status "Assembling files for distribution...")
+ (packing-distribution-progress-status "Packing distribution...")
  (create-servlet "Create Servlet...")
  ; the ~a is a language such as "module" or "algol60"
@@ -999,9 +1014,17 @@
  (kill? "Kill?")
  ;;; version checker
- ;; the next two are used in the initial wizard dialog.
- ;; Note that vc-wizard-check-prompt can (should) have newlines so
- ;; it will not make the dialog too wide.
+ (version:update-menu-item   "Check for Updates...")
+ (version:update-check       "Update check") ; dialog title, with the next line
+ (version:connecting-server  "Connecting to PLT version server")
+ (version:results-title      "PLT Version Check")
+ (version:do-periodic-checks "Periodically check for newer PLT Scheme versions")
+ (version:take-me-there      "Take Me There") ; ...to the download website
+ ;; the next one can appear alone, or followed by a comma and the one after that
+ (version:plt-up-to-date     "Your PLT version is up-to-date")
+ (version:but-newer-alpha    "but note that there is a newer alpha-release")
+ ;; This is used in this context: "PLT Scheme vNNN <<<*>>> http://download..."
+ (version:now-available-at   "is now available at")
  ;; special menu
  (special-menu "S&pecial")

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