[plt-translators] Re: [svn] plt commit: r3173 - in trunk/collects: framework framework/private help/private string-constants

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jun 1 16:55:05 EDT 2006

There used to be:

 (dont-ask-again "Do not ask again (always use current choice)")

and now that changed to have no parenthesis, with a different constant
for the no-parenthesis text:

 ;; One version for always using the current choice:
 (dont-ask-again-always-current "Do not ask again (always use current choice)")
 ;; One generic version (ie, on the Quit DrScheme dialog)
 (dont-ask-again                "Do not ask again")

I changed all string-constant files by removing a "(...)" suffix.
Hopefully I didn't break anything.

(I was surprised that all languages use parenthesis in the same

On Jun  1, eli at plt-scheme.org wrote:
> Author: eli
> Date: Thu Jun  1 16:51:23 2006
> New Revision: 3173
> Modified:
>    trunk/collects/framework/gui-utils.ss
>    trunk/collects/framework/private/exit.ss
>    trunk/collects/help/private/gui.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/danish-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/english-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/french-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/german-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/japanese-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/portuguese-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/simplified-chinese-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/spanish-string-constants.ss
>    trunk/collects/string-constants/traditional-chinese-string-constants.ss
> Log:
> * Changed gui-utils:get-choice to take an optional argument for a checkbox
> * Made the DrScheme quit dialog have a dont-ask-again option
> * Changed the string constant of dont-ask-again to have no parenthesis,
>   put that in the dont-ask-again-always-current string constant

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