[planet-announce] Updated PLaneT package: orseau/script-plugin.plt for 4.x

From: PLaneT (planet at racket-lang.org)
Date: Sat Jan 19 06:38:16 EST 2013

This announces the availability of an updated package from PLaneT:

Name:            script-plugin.plt
Package version: 2.18
Owner:           orseau

Package Description
Easily make plugin scripts for DrRacket.
Includes bundled scripts: On-screen documentation, Word completion, Regexp-replace in current file, Code snippets, Table spacing (auto-spacer), Color chooser, Title/sections comment maker...

Release Notes
New scripts open-collects: Shortcut to open a racket collection file open-dir: Opens the OS explorer in the directory of the current file git: Unix-specific (uses xterm); Modify to suit your needs Use 'Scripts/Import bundled script' The script menu does not reload itself on each menu click anymore. It must now be reloaded explicitly with Scripts/Manage scripts/Reload scripts menu Feedback welcome

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