[plt-planet-announce] Updated PLaneT package: sbloch/sb-world.plt for 4.x

From: PLaneT (planet at plt-scheme.org)
Date: Mon Feb 8 14:06:44 EST 2010

This announces the availability of an updated package from PLaneT:

Name:            sb-world.plt
Package version: 1.7
Owner:           sbloch

Package Description
The sb-world collection provides an alternative API for animations, similar to the bundled "world" teachpack but more functional and less imperative. Not compatible with DrScheme version 4.2.4; I'll try to get a new version out soon.
Release Notes

1.7: fix to work with DrScheme 4.2.4; fixed a bug in place-image; changed scene+line to accept images, not just scenes

1.6: fix to work with DrScheme 4.2.2, and fixed a bug in place-image.

1.5: fix to work with DrScheme 4.2

1.4: Corrected some documentation; added key-event? and key=?.


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