[plt-planet-announce] Updated PLaneT package: jaz/mysql.plt for 4.x

From: PLaneT (planet at plt-scheme.org)
Date: Thu Oct 1 17:54:07 EDT 2009

This announces the availability of an updated package from PLaneT:

Name:            mysql.plt
Package version: 1.5
Owner:           jaz

Package Description
The MySQL Client Library provides access to MySQL databases via TCP.
Release Notes

Version 1.5: fixed yet another bug with NULL handling, this time in prepared statements. Despite what the protocol documentation says, we are supposed to send type data for NULL parameter values. (Thanks to Scott Hickey for the bug report.)

Version 1.4: fixed a bug in NULL handling. (Thanks to David Banks for the bug report.)

Version 1.3: fixed result-set-field-names. (Thanks to Changying Li for the bug report.)

Version 1.2: documentation fixes.

Version 1.1: working through scribble documentation problems.

Version 1.0: initial release.


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