[plt-planet-announce] New PLaneT package: bzlib/jsmgr.plt for 4.x

From: PLaneT (planet at plt-scheme.org)
Date: Fri Aug 28 17:25:24 EDT 2009

This announces the availability of a new package from PLaneT:

Name:            jsmgr.plt
Package version: 1.0
Owner:           bzlib

Package Description

JSMGR: Javascript Manager is a real-time javascript and CSS compressor (via YUI Compressor) and script builder in one package.

You can use it as a servlet (included), or you can use it with SHP so you can customize your javascript download with little effort.

YUI Compressor is released under BSD by Yahoo! and is included for convenience.

YUI requires Java (verion >= 1.4) being installed in your system.

Please see home page for more details.

Release Notes
0.1 - first release

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for more information.

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