[racket-dev] zo-parse and implicit requires from template-phased syntax?

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 12 22:32:22 EDT 2012

I'm chasing after a bug in Whalesong, and I've narrowed it down to the

Suppose I have a small helper:

;; helper.rkt
#lang racket/base
(require (for-template racket/list racket/base))
(provide get-code)

(define (get-code stx)
  #`(second #,stx))

The function "get-code" generates a single object that expects its
context to have instantiated the racket/list library.

I then use it in a small test.rkt file:

#lang racket/base

(require (for-syntax "helper.rkt" racket/base))

(define-syntax (s stx)
  (syntax-case stx ()
    [(_ x)
     (get-code #'x)]))

(s '(a b c))
(s '("one" "two" "three"))

When I inspect the run-time requires necessary to execute test.rkt, I
expect to see two modules, racket/base and helper.rkt, in the list
associated to phase 0.

However, I don't see this.  Here's quick-and-dirty code to demonstrate:

#lang racket/base
(require compiler/zo-parse)

(read-accept-reader #t)
(current-namespace (make-base-namespace))

(define a-top
  (let* ([code (compile (read (open-input-file "temp.rkt")))]
         [op (open-output-bytes)])
    (write code op)
    (zo-parse (open-input-bytes (get-output-bytes op)))))

(define a-mod
  (compilation-top-code a-top))
(define a-requires
  (mod-requires a-mod))

(define (self-mpi? a-mpi)
  (define-values (m b) (module-path-index-split a-mpi))
  (and (eq? m #f) (eq? b #f)))

(define (mpi->string a-mpi)
   [(self-mpi? a-mpi)
    (path->string (resolved-module-path-name
(module-path-index-resolve a-mpi)))]))

;; Just print the runtime modules being required:
(for [(phase+mpis a-requires)
      #:when (equal? (car phase+mpis) 0)]
  (define mpis (cdr phase+mpis))
  (for ([a-mpi mpis])
     (printf "~s\n" (mpi->string a-mpi))))

Instead, I see just racket/base.  Am I misunderstanding that
mod-requires doesn't fully enumerate run-time dependencies?

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