[racket-dev] Submodules & dependencies

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Mar 11 16:24:44 EDT 2012

Two days ago, Jay McCarthy wrote:
> [...]
> I've expanded 'raco test' to support running a different submodule
> or running the default module (what's a good name for it?) if the
> submodule isn't there.
> I intend to change DrDr so that it always uses "raco test -r" rather
> than "racket -t".

Two comments on this:

1. I still would like to see a way to properly run some submodule
   other than `main' that is not tied to a "raco test".  But probably
   a better place for this is a new command-line flag for the main
   `racket' executable, where the default for the flag would be
   `main'.  (This should probably use the same terminology as `slice',
   or anything else if it changes.)  Then, `raco test' could be
   explained as doing two things: changing the default to `test'[*],
   and running it recursively over a bunch of files (which is
   definitely suitable for testing but not for other modes).

   ([*]I still prefer `tests' but...)

2. It sounds dangerous to encourage using this by making drdr do it.
   The thing is that while the tests don't have a loading overhead,
   they will still add dependencies to the files.

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