[racket-dev] another small doc typo

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Thu Sep 29 23:34:27 EDT 2011

Again, ignore this if it's already been fixed.  The docs contain this example:

#lang racket
(provide main)
(define (any-double? l)
  (for/or ([i (in-list l)])
    (for/or ([i2 (in-list l)])
      (= i2 (* 2 i)))))
(define (main)
  (define p
    (place ch
      (define l (place-channel-get ch))
      (define l-double? (any-double? l))
      (place-channel-put ch l-double?)))
  (place-channel-put p (list 1 2 4 8))
   (place-channel-get p))
   (place-wait p))

My strong guess is that the begin0 was supposed to enclose both the place-channel-get and the place-wait.  Actually, I'm not really sure why the place-wait is there at all.


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