[racket-dev] Adding the new plot library [was: Re: Plot?]

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 28 14:10:39 EDT 2011

On Sep 28, 2011, at 12:01 PM, Neil Toronto wrote:

> 1. Obviously, Module 2's path should be 'plot'. Right? And its documentation needs a note that it's deprecated. (I'll do that.)

Yes. It needs a link at the top of the page that points to the expanded capabilities of Module 1 (docs). 

> 2. Should Module 2 send a deprecation warning to stderr or the log when 'require'd?

I wouldn't bother. 

> 3. Should Module 1's path be 'racket/plot'? I've also thought of 'new-plot' (which is a cute pun on "gnuplot" but inconsistent with other names) and 'rackplot' (which is consistent with 'racklog' and 'rackunit'). Could also go with "omgraph" or whatever. I'm open to suggestions.

I like rackplot. 

> 4. I didn't write a 'plot/extend' replacement because it would have been painful and bit convoluted. Also, nearly everything 'plot/extend' provides is more easily done using either the old 'plot' or Module 1. As of now, it will just quietly disappear. Is that okay?

> 5. I'll have general questions about how to put things in the collects. I could probably answer them all by looking at a GOOD example. What, in your opinion, is the archetypal collects library, which would show me How It Should Be Done?

Do not look at 2htdp and hdtp, because teachpacks are different :-) 

> Last thing: I haven't replaced the 'fit' function, because it has nothing to do with plotting or the plotting C library! I don't know why it's in 'plot' in the first place. The C library behind 'fit' will have to stay for now, so there will still be a bit of a C mess that makes Eli throw up.
> I can replace that too - eventually. I think it would be best to separate concerns for now.

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