[racket-dev] CPANTS

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Fri Sep 9 16:08:10 EDT 2011

John Clements wrote at 09/09/2011 04:00 PM:
> On Sep 9, 2011, at 12:39 PM, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
>> I'm not familiar with CPANTS, but automating real-world feedback something like that sounds useful.
>> I think you should be conscientious about the tiny "phoning back to the mothership with more info" privacy problem, and how best to manage that, even if it's just real disclosure (not "privacy policy" smallprint).  I can't think of anyone else in the US who is right now, but I think that information privacy should always be a consideration in automated community-sourcing problems.
> Sigh... I respectfully disagree.  I feel that in some ways, this argument eight years ago prevented us from gathering a whole bunch of information that could have been quite useful to us.  It depends on whether you see Racket as a bulwark against a rising tide of invasive internet presence, or as the potential beneficiary of social media tools.

I'm saying: do it, but be conscientious in how you do it.  Look at it 
this way: you're setting a good example for the students, who will go on 
to build the next generation of systems, and who will influence their 
contemporaries and the generation beyond that.  Otherwise, we'll all 
just continue to take our lessons from billionaire sociopaths. :)


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