[racket-dev] PLaneT + Chrome UI -- minor bad interaction

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Sep 6 00:46:51 EDT 2011

An hour and a half ago, Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote:
> I confess I don't know the heuristics that browsers use to populate
> these fields; Chrome generally does a good job on most sites, so
> it's jarring to run into one where it seems so off.  But it could be
> it's Chrome's or the Web's fault (everyone these days now just uses
> their email address as a username).  Either way, something for
> Eli's(?) copious free time....

I had a quick look, and it seems that the form could use better names
for the inputs.  It currently uses "login" and "pw", and that's
probably better done with "username" and "password".  (Though for the
password field it's less important since its type indicates that it's
a password.)  *But* I didn't see any of the problems that you were
talking about.  My guess is that Chrome just remembers some
association of field name -> entered value, and you probably used some
other site where you used your email for a field called "login".  I'm
not sure about it though, and there might be some other way to help
browsers.  If anything, there's a cheap way out of adding an attribute
of autocomplete="off" to disable it.

[But, I'm unrelated to the planet web pages.]

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