[racket-dev] Google code mirror

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Sep 5 00:16:53 EDT 2011

Google code has recently added git support -- so I created a
repository and made our repo mirror there in addition to github.  See
the project page here:


As far as a tool for actual work, I don't see much utility in it, and
it seems that they're at a very early stage of this story.  (For
example, trying to clone from there is excruciatingly slow, or when I
push an already-push tree, I get an email notification telling me that
there are 0 new commits...  Definitely looks like GH has nothing to
worry for a while.)

But it might be useful for other things.  The main possibility is
using their bug tracker -- seems that it supports some features that
GH doesn't, so it might be a more viable thing to switch to.

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