[racket-dev] drRacket Close/Close tab

From: Marijn (hkBst at gentoo.org)
Date: Thu Sep 1 04:22:52 EDT 2011

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On 08/31/11 20:11, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> 6 hours ago, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt wrote:
>> The other three applications (Pidgin, Epiphany, Gedit) all
>> follow the behavior described in the HIG: there is only a Close
>> menu entry (no Close Tab), it closes the current tab, and its
>> shortcut is Ctrl-w.
>> I think we should follow the platform guidelines here as well,
>> and do the same.
> I prefer that the above (a single "Close" entry that closes the 
> current tab or the current window) be used everywhere, including
> on OSX.
> 1. It's as important as the Run button, which already steps over
> the well-used `C-t', which is *so* confusing[*] that not having
> two distinct menu entries for close/close-all seems extremely minor
> in comparison.
> [*] Confusing enough that I keep tripping over it in class,
> hitting C-t a few times and realize the mistake.  It's even worse
> in making me use C-= in my browser later in an attempt to create a
> new tab.  This is a mess that I think is better to address than
> keeping C-t for backward compatibility.

I concur with Eli completely. Given that Ctrl+R is currently bound to
``Replace'' which is disabled by default (!) it seems silly not to
bind it to Run (which apparently is important enough to have its own

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