[racket-dev] problem running configure script

From: Stephen Chang (stchang at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue May 24 19:13:57 EDT 2011

> I'm trying to compile racket from source on a linux machine here at
> Northeastern, but when I try to run the configure script, I get a
> "command not found" error. The permissions on the file are correct and
> when I run "bash configure" I get this:
> stchang at mrdo:~/plt/src$ bash configure
> : command not found
> 'onfigure: line 23: syntax error near unexpected token `in
> 'onfigure: line 23: `  case `(set -o) 2>/dev/null` in
> Anyone know what this means?

Thanks to Vincent, I figured out what's going on. I had core.autocrlf
= true in my git config (github recommended adding it). The thing is,
it's only supposed to remove windows CR line endings before stuff gets
checked in, but for some reason it was also adding them to certain
files when I cloned (on a linux system). Removing the setting in my
git config fixed my problem. Cue the windows bashing ...

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