[racket-dev] Scribble and DrRacket

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Wed May 18 12:08:56 EDT 2011

I'd love to be able to see the LaTeX and/or HTML source generated in the 
course of rendering Scribble source using the Render buttons in 
DrRacket, to help debug errors where the rendering completes but the 
visual output is not what I expected. Menu items of some sort? (I know I 
can go to a terminal window and look at it.)

When the PDF rendering does not complete, the modality of the error box 
is a little annoying. I can't do anything like change tabs or even 
scroll the current tab while the box is open. But the error goes away 
when I close the box. I suppose I could adopt a two-step workflow where 
I click Run, check that there are no errors, and then hit the Render 
button. But that duplicates work, and with longer documents, that's 
going to be annoying, also. I don't really have a suggestion here. Once 
again, I'm trying to avoid having to work in a terminal window.

By the way, after only a couple of days of not-very-intense work with 
Scribble, I have duplicated the functionality of my previous setup for 
course slides (LaTeX/Beamer using Emacs/TeXShop). I now anticipate 
preparing all my course materials in Scribble, within DrRacket. I might 
still edit some HTML by hand for the top level of the course website.

And I'm having fun, too. Thanks! --PR

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