[racket-dev] contract-test.rktl

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed May 11 22:00:36 EDT 2011

An hour ago, Robby Findler wrote:
> Someone somewhere along the way seems to have disabled
> contract-test.rktl (ie the main contract library test suite) in drdr.
> Anyone know who/why? (Eli is marked as last editing that line in the
> props file, but that doesn't mean he changed it, I don't think)

It's running fine from the usual place: "all.rktl" loads
"scheme-tests.rktl" which loads that file.

But since you're referring to the props line for the file, I checked
it and it was never enabled.

Here's how to do the detective work:

1. $ git blame props
   and you'll see that I edited that line in 1f6159f0

2. $ git show 1f6159f0 -- props
   and you'll see that the change was "Change the
   drdr:command-line property", and the edit was indeed replacing ""
   (the old way to disable a test) with #f (the new one after my

3. $ git blame 1f6159f0^ -- props
   does the annotated thing with the parent of that commit, which
   shows that Matthew edited it in e504acb7.

4. $ git show e504acb7 -- props
   That shows the commit as "use .rktl suffix for files meant to be
   'load'ed", and you'll see that the change was just in the suffix

5. $ git blame e504acb7^ -- props
   ... leads to Matthew in 882b7dce

6. $ git show 882b7dce -- props
   ... "move tests/mzscheme to tests/racket", and does just that with
   the file.

7. $ git blame 882b7dce^ -- props
   ... Matthew in 28b40430

8. $ git show 28b40430 -- props
   ... "rename all files .ss -> .rkt", and does that

9. $ git blame 28b40430^ -- props
   ... Eli in befa088b

10. $ git show befa088b -- props
    ... "separate drdr props to cmdline and timeout" and it was
    disabled before that (it was just `drdr ""' then)

11. $ git blame befa088b^ -- props
    ... Eli in 6473b958

12. $ git show 6473b958 -- props
    ... "Add new props script+storage" -- that's the commit where I
    created the props line from svn properties.

13. We're now moving to ancient svn history, and binary searching for
    prop changes there...  Long story short:

    - In r16379 I renamed the `drdr:command-line' property (which was
      empty => disabled) to `plt:drdr:command-line'

    [...dramatic drumroll...]

    - In r16340 the (`drdr:command-line') property changed from
      "mzscheme -f $path" to "", Jay is the committer, with a log
      message of "Trying to get DrDr to actually handle the mz tests"

    So we get the conclusion that Jay is the murderer, he used a
    candlestick, and it happened in the dining room at October 16th,
    [...sad, yet dramatic music plays...]
    [...Jay wears stripes, chained to a big metal ball, working in a
    coal mine...]
    [..."I'm innocent!" scream, fade out...]
    [...fade in back to the console...]

    - But it turns out that three months earlier, in r15493, Jay was
      the one that first created the property -- he's innocent.

    [...fade out, credits...]
    [...people leave the cinema, talking quietly; most are
    unsatisified with yet another open-ended ending...]
    ["It's the journey that matters, and not the end."]

[Sorry, I woke up too early today.]

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