[racket-dev] cgywin build working? Which line endings?

From: Carolyn Oates (carolynoates at yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Jan 19 05:36:49 EST 2011

I would suggest being sure the code you are trying to compile under cygwin, builds under straight Linux first.
I tried building Racket under cygwin end of Nov./Dec. unsuccessfully. In #racket they told me I was on my own.So I switched to straight Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) and in the end got just the text version from a development build the end of Dec. to build/work, which was enough for me. From the forums I think the problems with building all of Racket under Linux have been fixed, but I haven't had time nor need to try it out again.
Assuming your student gets the Racket cygwin build to work - Please post anything special you have do. I expect to get back to this in Feb.

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