[racket-dev] gtk message on startup ...

From: Karl Burkett (burkett at rice.edu)
Date: Wed Aug 10 09:15:51 EDT 2011


  I've just compiled up racket 5.1.2, downloaded yesterday, on a RHEL5.7
system where everything compiled without complaint that I could see.
When starting up drracket, the following message appears 21 times:

Gtk: gtk_menu_attach_to_widget: assertion 'GTK_IS_MENU (menu)' failed

Can I safely ignore this message?  If you need more information from me,
I'll be glad to provide it, but I would like some guidance on what
information would be of value to you.

The GUI interface seems to come up just fine, so I'm puzzled by the
messages.  Also, the fedora14 x86_64 RPM works with out throwing these


P.S. Great job on the code.  This is an impressive piece of work.

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