[racket-dev] Roogle?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Aug 5 03:45:41 EDT 2011

About a minute ago, Noel Welsh wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 8:12 AM, Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> wrote:
> > About a minute ago, Noel Welsh wrote:
> >> With the power of asynchronous requests (aka ajax) it is. I've
> >> gotta fix Myna first; maybe then I'll have a spare moment to
> >> implement it.
> >
> > That doesn't help with the goal of standalone docs.
> Sorry, don't understand this.

Having the documentation available through your installation,
off-line, and holding documentation of misc packages that you

> > Oh, you mean running something *different* on
> > docs.racket-lang.org?
> That is one possibility. The other option is to always make an ajax
> request to the full text search. It's asynchronous, so it won't stop
> page rendering, and if it doesn't return successfully (no Internet
> connection, for example) the user experience won't be affected
> (beyond not having the full text results in addition to the current
> javascript index results).

Ah, if you mean a way to have both kinds of searches work on your
installation, then that's certainly a solution.  (But my guess is that
it'll be even more difficult to set up.)

> > (And the search can be solved in an even easier way with a google
> > custom search.)
> Ok. I thought there were issues with Google, but, yeah, if it works
> it is certainly easier than setting up Lucene.

Well, the issue was exactly the dependency on an on-line connection
and no user-specific docs.

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