[racket-dev] testing

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 4 12:11:27 EDT 2011

One of the responses to the draft of the Racket style guide contains the following paragraph: 

> There should be unified way to test collections. Let's say I fix
> something in collect `foo', there should be an obvious way to run
> `foo''s tests. Currently, the closest we have would be to look in
> `tests/foo', and see if anything looks like an entry point.
> Standardizing on test suite entry points would make it easier for
> people to run tests after fixing bugs in collects that are not their
> own. Such an entry point could be that each collect `X' is required to
> have a `tests/X/run.rkt' file that, when run, runs the test suite for
> `X'.

I don't consider this topic appropriate for the style guide. 
But I consider it important enough to bring up for discussion. 

QQQ: Is there a policy that spells out testing collections? 

QQQ: Should we try to formulate one or leave individual testing styles alone? 

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