[racket-dev] Pre-Release Checklist for v5.1.1

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Apr 23 14:05:08 EDT 2011

Two days ago, Jon Rafkind wrote:
> > * Jon Rafkind <rafkind at cs.utah.edu>
> >   Release tests for (one of the) linux releases:
> >   - Test that the `racket' and `racket-textual' source releases
> >     compile fine
> >   - Test that the binary installers for both work, try each one in
> >     both normal and unix-style installation modes. (just ubuntu)
> >   [Note: get the release candidates from the URL in this email. Use
> >    the 'static table' link to see a list of all tar files available]
> The binary installers had problems with libffi.so.5. Source
> distributions are still compiling. [...]

Should be fixed now, can you retry?

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