[racket-dev] corrected sxml.plt 2 1

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Oct 26 16:18:36 EDT 2010

John Clements wrote at 10/26/2010 03:49 PM:
> Is there any chance I can upload a new version of this package?

Normally, we'd want to have a clear and very restricted process for this 
(what Debian would call "non-maintainer uploads (NMU)").  PLaneT already 
has trust/security issues to address, and NMUs affect what trust we do have.

> On a separate note, to dev: is there any way that schemeunit could be made slightly less of a very large install?

A few of use talked recently about PLaneT packages that are involved in 
extremely slow requires.  IIRC, there were multiple fronts on which to 
attack this:

* Make uncached PLaneT requires faster.  How documentation is built is 
probably involved in this.

* Encourage people to avoid totally gratuitous dependencies in reusable 
libraries.  (For an imaginary example, let's say that you really like 
using "if" without an else clause, so all your libraries depend on the 
"johnsmith/optional-else" PLaneT package, which depends on a test engine 
plus some utilites that are part of a large library, which in turn 
depend on a graph of 10 other PLaneT packages, and Racket spends 15 
minutes installing these.  Just using "and" instead in your package's 
code would save users a lot of pain.)

* Perhaps move some things into core.  For example, IIRC, it sounded 
like one of the expensive packages that multiple people used was 
believed to compensate for a defect in core, and was felt necessary to 
produce a correct packaging.  A good test engine in core might be 
another example.


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