[racket-dev] 5.0.2 changelog

From: Jon Rafkind (rafkind at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 26 14:34:07 EDT 2010

Here is the raw changelog for 5.0.2. If you would like to summarize your
changes please do so, otherwise someone (me/eli/ryan) will do it for
you. If there are any other important items to note for this release
please make a note of them.

Matthew Flatt
commit bf4fc2574c06132fece7342219fe6ea589e42f6d
    fix syntax colorer for #true and #false
commit 99df8e126790077c11b4363a273ebf777bff8514
    allow internal definitions in `when', `unless', `cond, `case', `match'
commit 15302dc844ecf931145f895677cc8eb765b69960
    adjust futures to decouple blocked futures from worker threads
     which required adding a notion of "lightweight continuation" to
     the runtime system, where a lightweight continuation involves
     only frames from JIT0generated code (so that details of the stack
     layout are known, for example)

Mike Sperber
commit 38cf78e213ee8f246ce322becb419aaed6ec2391
    Allow specifying arbitary expressions in a signature declaration.
    Fixes PR 11282

Vincent St-Amour
commit 8baa1682af76965400ab1071a46f8ba50f7c7165
    Turned the optimizer on by default.
commit 8d6230956dc8c207c097a389fa1f0c7273bb55b7
    Documented the optimizer.

Jon Rafkind
commit d112eb4ceb8b94aebf1f699d1591386579e07a22
    add line numbers pane to drracket

Will M. Farr
commit beb21754564fa8f20eae7e0e3109f2c1d06260c4
    Added flvector-copy (with tests and docs).
commit 82096abb1b6fd4a8872f528437ba95c44a4aedba
    Added interation forms for/vector, for*/vector, for/flvector, and
for*/flvector and for-clause in-flvector.

Jay McCarthy
commit 01a41a812e83d0fb3a31940de0b52504ac4bbdb6
    Closing pr11216. Adding one armed check-error to teaching languages.
commit d17deb5fef8342e2dc25b6ddd027bd71d6373a8f
    Adding hash table functions to ASL
commit 407dcee206678785b4b87bb513d7ba5f55ad8ab5
    Adding match to ASL
commit 347e946548c26bd51b682284816aa7f6f34b2d92
    Adding WebSocket support

Stevie Strickland
commit ec0711bf4996dde06ecddbc8fcb95f44987a6915
    Add chaperone contract-related properties.
      * Flat contracts are chaperone contracts, and chaperone contracts
        are (proxy) contracts.
      * Check in chaperone contracts that a chaperone (or chaperone-friendly
        value) is indeed returned.

Ryan Culpepper
commit 5a8d2f010e9e7858ff8c32ffadf73adac11cd98a
    added data/gvector, docs (need tests)
commit d7a87c79e0211071fecb8474e6f7f66317b089d4
    Merged changes to syntax/parse
      Changed backtracking algorithm, runtime representations
        - syntax classes, ~describe no longer implicitly commit
        - ~describe no longer delimits effect of cut
      Added keyword & optional args for stxclasses
      Added ~do and #:do, ~post, ~commit and #:commit,
        ~delimit-cut and #:no-delimit-cut
      Added syntax/parse/debug, syntax/parse/experimental/*
        - expr/c for contracting macro sub-expressions
          moved from syntax/parse to syntax/parse/experimental/contract
        - syntax class reflection (~reflect, ~splicing-reflect)
        - eh-alternative-sets (~eh-var)
        - provide-syntax-class/contract
          (only for params, not attrs so far)
      Changed ~fail to not include POST progress (#:fail still does)
        old (~fail _) is now (~post (~fail _))
      Made msg argument of ~fail optional
      Removed generic "repetition constraint violated" msg
      Removed atom-in-list stxclass
      Removed unnecessary datum->syntax on cdr of pair pattern
        massive improvements to long-list microbenchmarks
      Optimization: integrable syntax classes (id, expr, keyword)
        need better measurements
      Optimization: ad hoc elimination of head/tail choice point
        for (EH ... . ()) patterns
      Added unstable/wrapc (proc version of expr/c)

Robby Findler
commit 5e01ac55373d2987410da7d95f26f42535cfae3b
    added a pinhole property to images
commit 561ac12a91e02fbc298272cc97d96e00d92f98ae
    got started on the ->i parser

Sam Tobin-Hochstadt
commit 0635fc6d7542ea412e4586ca6ca051fdd2d91adb
    Create data/ collection.
     - Initially populated with queues, skip-lists, and interval-maps
from unstable/
     - Tests in tests/data, docs in data/scribblings

Jens Axel Søgaard
commit 64c3a98e45bda91b39eb811456ab409b72f0936e
    Added triangle/sss, triangle/ass, triangle/sas, triangle/ssa,
triangle/aas, triangle/asa, and, triangle/saa.

Kevin Tew
commit 5bb2e148de87457ebb4790287d3b83b872c91a78
    Parallel docs build

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