[racket-dev] Web language

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Oct 26 10:01:59 EDT 2010

20 minutes ago, Jay McCarthy wrote:
> Can you do scribble/xml and if you want the XHTML specific stuff
> use/require scribble/xhtml?

Well, it's kind of raw in the sense of being able to support xml if
you provide all the bindings you need to use -- and I didn't want to
grab another point in the `scribble/*' namespace unless it's needed.
So I'll do that if/when it becomes useful elsewhere.  (It will be
pretty easy to move that part when that happens.)

But if you said the above because you have some use for it now, then
I'll be happy to do that.

BTW, that functionality in itself is not really something that is
related to scribble -- so perhaps a better place for it would be
something like `xml/functional'?  (Because you use it by defining
functions that create element values, rather than the traditional
translations from sexpr formats.)

> If not, then I'd suggest just plain scribble/xhtml. You aren't
> really making HTML as far as I know, so don't call it that.

OK, I changed it -- but here are some of the points that made me think
that `html' is the right choice:

* We already have an `html' collection -- and if you'd want to produce
  xhtml from it, then the reasonable thing to do would be to add some
  parameter that determines the output format.  Same goes for the
  existing `scribble/html-*' modules if scribble is updated to produce

* Related -- if this ends up as some `xhtml' collection, people will
  get the idea that both it and `html' are the same thing with
  different output formats rather than being something completely

* The `xhtml' is only a kind of a meta label -- the DTD, DOCID, etc
  are all still called "HTML".

In any case, I already did the rename (to `scribble/xhtml') so tell me
only if you think that the above points make sense and I'll undo that
rename.  (I don't have a strong opinion about it, and certainly much
less than yours.)

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