[racket-dev] Problem with threads in Racket C API?

From: Justin Phillips (jjustinphillipss at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Oct 13 00:17:45 EDT 2010

I have a function that gets called by OS X's CoreMIDI framework. This
function adds some data to a queue. I have registered the queue and the
function with scheme_add_evt and scheme_add_evt_through_sema and even
explicitly tried to block with scheme_block_until on separate occasions. In
all instances, when the function gets called from CoreMIDI to add to my
queue DrRacket dies because of EXC_BAD_ACCESS -- KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at
0x00 and the thread that crashed is the highest numbered thread (which is
the DrRacket main thread no?) and it is in my function code. Am I setting
something up wrong or could there be an issue with CoreMIDI? Any help would
be greatly appreciated.
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