[racket-dev] Tab switching keyboard shortcuts on Mac

From: Dmitry Chestnykh (dmitry at codingrobots.com)
Date: Sun Nov 14 16:35:01 EST 2010

On Sun, 14 Nov 2010, Robby Findler wrote:

> Currently, DrRacket uses cmd-[ and cmd-] and it seems unfortunate to
> have to change that by adding another modifier. I see that terminal
> uses that for cycling windows, and safari and firefox use it for the
> browsing history. Preview uses it for changing pages. So cmd-[ and
> cmd-] don't seem all that standard.

Well, it seems like Cmd+SHIFT+[ and ] also work for me in 5.0.2 (can't get 
any keyboard shortcuts to work in the nightly build :).

Anyway, the most important thing for me was a conflict with the standard 
text editing shortcuts, and you fixed it, so I'm okay with any shortcuts 
for tab switching (I also use Cmd+1..9, and they work well).

There's another unrelated thing with shortcuts that bothers me -- any 
shortcuts with letters don't work with non-English (Russian in my case) 
layouts -- they put a letter instead of doing action (for example, if I 
press Cmd+] with Russian layout, it outputs "ъ", because that's what "]" 
is mapped to in this layout). As I understand, normally, when modifier 
keys are pressed (for example, Cmd) the app should receive English 
letters, but it seems like it's not the case for DrRacket. I'll look into 
it more, and let you know if I come out with the fix (or maybe the Cocoa 
version won't even have this bug).

Thanks again for your great work!

Dmitry Chestnykh

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