[racket-dev] Tab switching keyboard shortcuts on Mac

From: Dmitry Chestnykh (dmitry at codingrobots.com)
Date: Sun Nov 14 04:45:02 EST 2010


The default "next-tab" and "prev-tab" keyboard shortcuts in DrRacket
on Mac are "d:s:right" and "d:s:left". Unfortunately, the same
shortcuts are used all over the OS X for "select-to-end-of-line" and
"select-to-beginning-of-line" in text views. In OS X, the standard
shortcuts for switching tabs are Cmd+Shift+[ and Cmd+Shift+] (they
seem to work in DrRacket too), and some other programs use
Cmd+Alt+arrows. I see that "select-to-*-of-line" are bound to
Cmd+Home/End (fn+Cmd+arrows on MacBooks), but it's a pain to relearn

What do you think about changing the default shortcuts for tab
switching to get more standard Mac behavior?

Thank you!

(Sorry if the question has been discussed earlier -- I couldn't find
anything on it by searching the archives).

Dmitry Chestnykh
Coding Robots

dmitry at codingrobots.com

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