[plt-dev] Push #20327: The DrDr now makes house calls

From: Vincent St-Amour (stamourv at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sat May 29 11:44:59 EDT 2010

It seems house calls don't work if $RACKET_HOME and /var are not on
the same partition:

vincent at desktop:drdr$ racket house-call.ss -- -j 4
rename-file-or-directory: cannot rename file or directory: /var/tmp/mztmp12751477681275147768880 to: /home/vincent/src/plt/collects/meta/drdr/./../../../house-calls/builds/2455346/commit-msg (Invalid cross-device link; errno=18)

 === context ===
/home/vincent/src/plt/collects/meta/drdr/house-call.ss: [running body]


At Tue, 25 May 2010 15:04:21 -0600,
Jay McCarthy wrote:
> If you are using Git and want to test a change against the whole
> repository in the same way DrDr does, run:
> racket -t $RACKET_HOME/collects/meta/drdr/house-call.ss -- -j $CPUS
> It should run for about 10 minutes, sending an immense amount of
> information to the screen, eventually producing a list of files that
> had "problems". If you put any of these back on the command-line:
> racket -t $RACKET_HOME/collects/meta/drdr/house-call.ss -- -j $CPUS file
> It will show the log of when it ran 'file'.
> The DrDr keeps its house call records in $RACKET_HOME/house-calls
> indexed by Julian date. It is always safe to delete this whole
> directory. If a record is in this directory, then DrDr won't check it
> again until the next day.
> It runs exactly as it would on the real DrDr server, except no GUI
> files are run if your system-type is not 'unix and it relies on Xvfb
> and fluxbox to run a sandbox X11 server.
> Jay
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