[plt-dev] One e-mail per commit?

From: Michael Sperber (sperber at deinprogramm.de)
Date: Mon May 17 13:14:07 EDT 2010

Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> writes:

> On May 17, Michael Sperber wrote:
>> Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> writes:
>> > But those commits are very important to me -- and the though of
>> > considering preserving that history vs apologizing for 5 emails
>> > instead of one seems like a very bad idea.
>> The *e-mail* is the least problem in this case: Your five individual
>> commits go on the permanent record.
> Yes, and I *want* them to be on permanent record.  Are you saying that
> wanting them to be recorded is a (bigger?) problem?

No, I'm saying that if I'm going to be looking at the individual commits
for the next 50 years anyway every time I do "git log", the one e-mail
message seems pretty insignificant in comparison.  Either I should get
the individual commits in both cases, or none.

> You mean that Sam will have his own repository with a different
> history where my five commits are squashed into one, and his own
> commits are present in more detail (which involve him doing the 86
> commits as usual, then writing a new total commit log message that
> would be present in the public repository but not in his oen)?  

Essentially: However, it won't be different in git's identity sense of
the word - it will have additional stuff in it, namely the 86 individual
commits that the rest of us shouldn't be looking it.  And that new total
commit message would actually worthwhile, because we'd see the big
picture instead of the itty-bitty details that matter only to Sam.

> If so, then I think that you have some misunderstanding of how git
> works.

This is not a question of how git works, it's a question of organizing
your workflow.  git is perfectly able to handle this workflow.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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