[racket-dev] Feature request: allow 2htdp/image bitmap function to load from URL

From: Nadeem Abdul Hamid (nadeem at acm.org)
Date: Sun Jun 13 10:28:31 EDT 2010

Below is a quick hack I did to allow loading a 2htdp/image bitmap from a url like this:

    (bitmap (url "http://docs.racket-lang.org/teachpack/4e85791a5.png"))

There's no error checking, and I was too lazy to do a diff, but I've marked the three pieces that I added with "; .nah." comments. Would it be possible to add this feature to the library? This would have been a little easier maybe if bitmap% provided load from ports, but I see that's an open PR (9335). 

--- nadeem

(define-syntax (bitmap stx)
  (syntax-case stx ()
    [(_ arg)
     (let* ([arg (syntax->datum #'arg)]
            [url? (and (pair? arg) (eq? (car arg) 'url))]   ; .nah.
               [(and (pair? arg)
                     (eq? (car arg) 'planet))
                (raise-syntax-error 'bitmap "planet paths not yet supported" stx)]
               ; .nah. ...
                (let ([temp-path (make-temporary-file)])
                  (call-with-output-file temp-path
                    (lambda (outp) 
                       (string->url (cadr arg)) get-pure-port
                       (lambda (inp) 
                         (copy-port inp outp)
                    #:exists 'replace
                  (display temp-path)
               ; ... .nah.
               [(symbol? arg)
                (let ([pieces (regexp-split #rx"/" (symbol->string arg))])
                    [(null? pieces)
                     (raise-syntax-error 'bitmap "expected a path with a / in it" stx)]
                     (let loop ([cps (current-library-collection-paths)])
                         [(null? cps)
                          (raise-syntax-error 'bitmap
                                              (format "could not find the ~a collection" (car pieces))
                          (if (and (directory-exists? (car cps))
                                   (member (build-path (car pieces))
                                           (directory-list (car cps))))
                              (let ([candidate (apply build-path (car cps) pieces)])
                                (if (file-exists? candidate)
                                    (raise-syntax-error 'bitmap 
                                                        (format "could not find ~a in the ~a collection"
                                                                (apply string-append (add-between (cdr pieces) "/"))
                                                                (car pieces))
                              (loop (cdr cps)))]))]))]
               [(string? arg)
                 (or (current-load-relative-directory)
       ; .nah. ...
       #`(let ([result (make-object image-snip% (make-object bitmap% #,path 'unknown/mask))])
           (when #,url? (delete-file #,path))
       ; ... .nah.

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