[plt-dev] More profj leftovers

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Sep 20 16:54:56 EDT 2009

These are profj leftovers that need to be removed -- looks like it's
only Robby and Kathy that have items here:

* scribblings/drscheme/menus.scrbl
  Has descriptions of "Insert Java Comment Box" and "Insert Java
  Interactions Box" menu items.

* scribblings/drscheme/languages.scrbl
  Has a "ProfessorJ" section.

* test-engine/test-coverage.scm
  Has two style classes named "profj:syntax-colors:scheme:covered" and
  "profj:syntax-colors:scheme:uncovered".  (Will it be a problem to
  rename these?)

* string-constants
  These probably need to stay there to make the planet tool work.
  (And point at the problem with the `string-constants' collection in
  that it's not modular.)

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