[plt-dev] Re: an api for check syntax & module browser

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (jao at gnu.org)
Date: Thu Sep 10 07:01:44 EDT 2009

Robby Findler <robby at eecs.northwestern.edu>

> So, I've heard various people saying it would be nice to have a
> separate api for check syntax (and presumably the module browser)
> pulled out of DrScheme. I definitely agree with that, but I'm
> wondering how to prioritize it. Does anyone have some specific use in
> mind for the api?

I would definitely use it in geiser, my emacs mode, to provide
functionality similar to that of DrScheme's. For instance, highlighting
and reporting of syntax errors. And one thing i cannot currently do
(perhaps because i don't know how to do it in mzscheme) is to show
callers/callees trees. Also, i currently compute an approximate list of
local identifiers by parsing forms in elisp (to offer them for
completion): with check-syntax i'd have a correct list of local bindings
available, and could perhaps also highlight them.

In summary, i'd bring DrScheme's check-syntax interface the
mzscheme/emacs world.


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